Cherokee Cyber Commission

We are a group of experts passionate about educating our community about cyber security and online safety.

We educate the following demographics in Cherokee County, GA


Training our community about cyber security is one our passions. We arm our audience with the best knowledge in digital defense.


Stay up-to-date on the latest security measures to protect your business from a potential attack that could cripple your operations.


Educating students about the importance of account security and the vulnerabilities of social media is one of our passions.


Teaching seniors the importance of cyber security is essential to keeping their minds active and their digital accounts secure.

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Donate To Our Cause

We rely heavily on donations to provide our community with the best cyber security educational resources. 

Speaking Engagement Inquiries

We enjoy traveling to businesses, schools, and special events within our community to share our in-depth knowledge of cyber security and safety. 

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Have questions? Give us a call at 678-486-4844.